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Thank You

Thank You
For Our Migration's Success!

Ahoy Captain,

We want to thank you for your loyalty, and for going through the effort of migrating to the desktop version of Pirates: Tides of Fortune!

We appreciate you from the bottom of our heart, and we encourage you to keep on fighting. There are many victories - and many exciting updates - coming to you this year!

Piratically yers,
Captain Anne "Bonnie" O'Malley

13 янв. 2021, 11:1413.01.21
2 фев. 2021, 12:1402.02.21

Ive been away from the game for 6 months and came back to flash gone . It as luckily only taken two days to get the game up and running again using plarium play which i am thankful for . My security kept it it from downloading to start with but managed to sort it out and now back in the game . Its good to be back and hope as many people as possible manage to get it sorted also. Ive been playing since 2013 and spent money on the game and would have been devastated if i couldnt of got back in and know how frustrating it must be for those who are having loading problems . Just keep trying guys and hopefully things will work out for a lot more players.  Take it easy guys and good luck to all those still trying to get back in .

4 фев. 2021, 10:0604.02.21

there will by no more gift code ?:O

AlinaCommunity Manager
5 фев. 2021, 11:2105.02.21

there will by no more gift code ?:O

There will be more gift codes, Captain! Just stay tuned! 🤗

7 фев. 2021, 16:1607.02.21

ok excelent cool :) thanks

14 янв. 2021, 20:0214.01.21

I'm at odds with the previous posters, as I've had no issues with the app, other than it occasionally crashing (what app doesn't?). Nor am I aware of many in my BHood that are having issues.

So, I say thanks to Plarium for enabling us to continue playing the game, and thanks for a great festive season with the giveaways!

14 янв. 2021, 00:5514.01.21

I agree with the previous two posts.  This game transition has not gone smoothly and has left some users out in the cold, not to mention that functionality and stability has eroded.  Limiting account login storage, the difficulty to have multiple accounts open, the instability and slowness of the app all will lead to further erosion of playere base.  So sad to have failed to address these known issues.    

13 янв. 2021, 16:5613.01.21

I agree with @Pirate Bob (who I cannot reference properly, because the "migration" to the new forum is also broken 😂).

I am yet to find a single player who prefers the app to the browser solution, not to mention many who are locked out, as Pirate Bob said.

The migration was not a success, in my opinion. I do appreciate the effort that was put in solving the problem of the death of Flash (albeit, this was addressed way too late) and the willingness of Plarium to try to come up with solutions for the shortcomings of the whole process, but the time is running out. Who will return after being locked out for weeks or even months?

13 янв. 2021, 15:0413.01.21

You say thank you for the migration success and yet your not considering the players that are currently locked out of the game due to the desktop app not working for them on both windows and mac systems, and thats not to mention the lack of or should I say no support for us Linux users.

When your able to get this game converted to html5 and reopen access to the game thru a web browser that will be a true success.