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New Prestige Levels

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New Prestige Levels

New Prestige Levels
Additional Bonuses Now Available

Ahoy Captain,

We are pleased to announce that 10 new Prestige Levels can now be achieved.

This means that you can now advance to Prestige Level 20, allowing you to bolster both your Haven and your crew with powerful new Bonuses.

These include:

- Unit Offense Boost when attacking Brotherhood Bastions
- Unit Offense Boost when attacking Presidios
- Unit Defense Boost when defending your Haven
- Unit Defense Boost when defending Treasure Islands

Keep playing to earn Prestige Points and increase your Prestige Level.

You can also get Prestige Points at the Smuggler's Den, where we've just added new Items: you can now buy 1000 Prestige Points and 5000 Prestige Points!

Remember: Prestige Bonuses are only active when your Prestige Status is activated.

Sail on and earn your riches!

Piratically yers,
Captain Anne "Bonnie" O'Malley

28 сент. 2021, 15:1928.09.21