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Different ammount of rubbies for the same item!!!!!

Different ammount of rubbies for the same item!!!!!

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22 март 2016, 13:4622.03.16

Different ammount of rubbies for the same item!!!!!

Why do I have to pay 3500 rubbies for the 30 days Prestige Activator, while at least two of my members are paying 2500 rubbies!!!!!!

And no, before you ask there is no discount involved.

This is really ticking me off, I am investing money in this game but I will not let me be ripped!!!! (Yes I am angry now)

22 март 2016, 15:3522.03.16

Liz are you sure you paid 3500 for it & it is still showing 3500 for you?

For me it is 2500 & it always was.

Can you share a screenshot of the price please.

22 март 2016, 17:1822.03.16
22 март 2016, 17:19(отредактировано)

Yes, 100 percent sure. I asked around and there is another member that has to pay 3500, just like me!

Okay, let me try to put up a screenshot in here.
22 март 2016, 17:2322.03.16
22 март 2016, 17:24(отредактировано)

Here you go hope its visible.


22 март 2016, 17:3322.03.16
22 март 2016, 17:36(отредактировано)

Okay so i didn't even knew it. Asked around & the answer is

Price depends on your prestige level. As level goes up, prices goes up.

I am level 7 so for me is 2500, For level 8 it be 3000 I guess liz you are level 9 that is why price is 3500.

Thanks to Icy, My fellow for explaining :)

22 март 2016, 17:4322.03.16

Okay, thats IT!! IM SO DONE with this greedyness of Plarium. THIS IS REDICOULES!!!!!!

You wont get a PENNY from me anymore, this is a PURE RIPP OFF, no words for it. 


22 март 2016, 21:3722.03.16

mines 3500 and i believe soon it be 4000

to activate, but along with being activated you get bonuses

reason why the cost moves up like it does

Alyona KolomiitsevaCommunity Manager
23 март 2016, 10:1123.03.16
The price depends on your Prestige Status level. Higher levels give more Bonuses, so the price is raised.
23 март 2016, 18:4923.03.16

I can at least have some understanding for this one. But its not the first time I did figure out that Plarium asks different prizes for the same thing (packages). That is an issue that is bothering me for a LONG time already, and I have had it. 

15 апр. 2016, 04:5215.04.16
level 7 prestige is 2500 lv8 is 3000 lv9 is 3500 and level 10 prestige is 4k rubies. Everytime you level up in prestige the cost goes up. Your shipmates are paying a different amount as you because they have a different prestige level. 
30 янв. 2020, 08:1930.01.20

I know I'm late to the game on this topic and Trouble is probably gone.  But, it's just like everything in this game.  As you progress things cost more.  As you move up the Discovery chain, the discoveries cost more resources for each discovery and each level within a discovery.  As you level up your production buildings, they cost more resources.

As you level up discoveries you get more powerful units.  As you level up buildings you get more capacity and production.  As you level up Prestige you get more benefits, as shown above.

You don't have to buy Prestige activators or level up discoveries or level up buildings.  You need to, or get to, decide if the benefits are worth the cost.  It's your game.  For me, the benefits of Prestige activators at level 9 and 10 are worth the extra rubies.  It's a bonus if you can buy them at a discount.

Fair seas to all.