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What a painful new! Account Data reset

What a painful new! Account Data reset

1 дек. 2018, 01:0201.12.18

What a painful new! Account Data reset

Do you know what it is, play hours and hours a game, turn off your laptop, then just logging again and you whole data magically disappeared?

This just happened to me, today, when I though that my account data will be saved in th server.

 I was playing the game until lvl 26-28 then a reset my laptop, but now I just logged in and my account is Lv. 1!!! And no it is not a bad login cause I always use the same email and PW, so I just tried to find my account in the clan and in map using another one and there just disappeared, Ill not ply if this will happen always that I reset my laptop, my account is just bound with email no FB, How can I solve this problem?

No I dont remember my coordinates, I can't access to my ID, so, how ill recover the spent hours ingame?

An this just happened when I was recording a video to promote the game in french and Spanish, unfortunately, if this get no solved I'll just upload a video that will get not less than 500k views about a no worth game to play cause your in game data will be reseted, and their AI support dont solve the problem.

How can we trsu other plarium gamen when the support question (Was this article helpful?) have more NO than YES.

And lets see how long i'll wait for an answer

Can I log to my account?: Yes

Are you sure is the same server and account you used last time?: Yes

What it's you username?: Kasukuyo but I just used it again just to see if still my nickname up and yes, that it means my account was completely reseted

Did you sent a support ticket?. No cause I can't without my ID and my ID don't appear in my profile.

You account is bound to FACEBOOK or other platform?: no it's not, both are different account and no one of them have my old account.