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Meet the New Community Manager!

Meet the New Community Manager!

Hello guys!

My name is Andrii, and I'm a new member of the Community Management team at Plarium. I will be your Community Manager in Mech Arena, and I aim to help make our in-game environment better!

I enjoy using different combinations of Mechs, pilots, and weapons with unusual playing styles. In my opinion, good skills is what makes a player MVP.

Right now, my favorite Mech is Paragon. Despite its reputation of being a “boring Mech for beginners,” I like to pair him with some potent sniper weapon like Longarm and attack my enemies from non-obvious points of a map. 

Apart from Mech Arena, I'm a big music fan. I like to listen to it, write it, and perform it. Indie rock is my favourite genre, but I've always been open to all kinds of music.

So what's your favourite Mech and what helps you to become the MVP? 

14 фев. 2023, 13:3214.02.23
6 март 2023, 01:2206.03.23

Odd parings.. Gotta be my stalker shottie!! 

Stalker with Shotguns, Yes!

I think of shotgun type of damage in two ways. Damage Over Time (DOT) and Area Of Effect (AOE). If you would like a visual of what 25'' looks like, then pop the Guardian Shutdown Ablility. Hey, thats another beloved favorite of mine was my Guardian Shottie! As Guardian, I would pop the shutdown wave, shutting down my target. then I'd say 'the shotgun damage are going the same way' and so it came to pass.

Put Shotguns on a Stalker for a good time and party favors. I hope you like group kills because that's what youre going to see a lot of. Skulls, skulls and more skulls. Youre healing yourself on every kill using a stalker so keep that in mind when youre getting a monster kill from wiping the entire party in 1-2 pumps, and then be full HP before they respawn -WOW-

CrystalDrewCommunity Manager
6 март 2023, 11:1906.03.23

welcome dude 

it is fun isn't it?

Hi, thank you! Of course it's fun 😃

CrystalDrewCommunity Manager
6 март 2023, 11:2406.03.23

Hi, welcome 

My favorite mech is killshot; It's because kill shot is small it can hide anywhere.

but most meel dash ability makes it a attacker but i dont know why its is scout ;-;

other is my panther cause when i was a noob i hated all mechs even killshot then i brought plasma canon 6 and kept it on my panther then i was a pro. now my best mech is killshot bc i use it as common but my panther is very very best with its missile rack 8.

thank you.

Hello! Yeah, I like both Panther and Killshot as well. Talking about Killshot, this Mech is really cool as it allows a player to try completely different styles of playing. My favorite tactic is to hide somewhere until my target will have a low HP to one-shot them by Meel Dash (especially great in the FFA mode). 

CrystalDrewCommunity Manager
6 март 2023, 11:3106.03.23

this is not my favorite mech but was one of my most favorite mechs form the beginning. The Paragon mech!!!

Indeed, slap that longarm on your paragon and read the description of the longarm and how to get max damage.. Here's a hint... Use Paragon's dash ability to RUN STRAIGHT BACKWARDS while aiming/firing any longarm and youll see your DPS get bigger, bigger and bigger the farther away you get (75m-150m i think but dont quote me on that).

Now, before you think that's all to what they may call 'strategy' then hang with me because the best is yet to come: Lets make your paragon Sniper also a decoy. How? Here's how:

Currently, we are discussing sniper roles and distance weapon operation. Well, put an autocannon (another newbie fav) to fire from so long away that you'll do ZERO dps. This is for a reason. Autocannon bullets fly faster and more frequent than longarm blasts -so- when the enemy ('target') is being pelted with no damage every single one of them thinks in thier head 'well, this guy isnt huting me therefore he cant hurt me' thus your decoy role is comeplete. You are welcome! Also, if they have medium range weapons (like plasma, pulse or oh, autocannon) they are not able to damage you as youre also not damaging them. It dosent get any more complicated than that *I PROMISE*

Side note about the autocannon at max range that does no damage, it also hides you making you a grey blur as you send the entire clip of autocannon thier way.. You literally SNEAK IN THE LONGARM BULLETS!!! They wont know theyre dead untill they are selecting your next target.

Hello! You've just literally described my style of playing Paragon! 😃 Right now I equipped him with Plasma Cannon beside Longarm and man it's almost invincible (until the whole enemy team attacks you simultaneously)

Talking about Stalker with Shotguns, it's a great choice and indeed group kills are amazing!

9 март 2023, 01:0109.03.23
9 март 2023, 02:27(отредактировано)

I can't get into the game. On opening it tells me "new version available, please update the game" although i have auto-update set to on. I hit the update button and it takes me to the download screen. I download and it tells me i already have the game istalled. I go to open it and the loop repeats. I also tried uninstall and reinmstall, same thing. What's going on?

Fixed now, thanks guys!

18 март 2023, 02:0218.03.23

The guardians' ability to cancel the panthers' stasis barrier after it is deployed makes no sense.

4 апр. 2023, 13:4704.04.23

Hi Andril! I am trying to save up credits and acoin but i cannot afford them for mechs and weapons. So iwant one for free pls. Guardian and missile rack 8

17 май 2023, 11:4817.05.23

Salve ho grossi problemi, mech arena quando deve fare l'autenticazione mi segna errore e dice not find JSON token at index 0. Come posso risolvere ??

27 май 2023, 17:3727.05.23


13 июль 2023, 05:5213.07.23

Since you mentioned Paragon AND Longarm - Good Job! I would like to tell you a little bit about a very simmilar setup to yours I have also used for very early Double Kills and Multi Kills only, it deeply saddend me that it's Killing Wind achievement was only for Mortars (so in my opinion, it should be a weapon achievement -NOT- a mech feat but your milage may very) but whilest on the subject, here is how my build did differ;

The Longarm was only on one side, the other - Autocannon2or4! Why? Because Range 0-145 is a pretty big difference and to be effective at/within all of them. It was a common habit of mine, when sniper role, target the enemy and begin moving straight back to increase Longarm damage. [read weapon desc. Thats what it says what it is written!] Smash that mech ability BOOST while moving backwards and you'll be doing MAX LONGARM DPS in a very short while. Longarm 8 magic baby! Oh, also speaking of magic, you will do zero damage from your autocannon but youll put on a pretty show/shrowd that covers you in a blinding grey haze. Youre welcome! 

Ok so from the enemy's perspective, they start getting pelted by very light mechine gun fire that seems to be fading away so now they know the direction they were just under a completly fake attack just came from so naturally they STOP (OMG in place?! SNIPER DUAH) and TURN in place and begin either walking toward you or trying to charge you with thier medium range pew pew weapon doing diminishing damge to you as well. Time to rip open a can of LONGARM and just unload everything you have from both weapons and crush that spacebar all while moonwalkin it watching your enemy's red bar get shorter and shorter by larger and larger amounts of your special, enhanced bonus damage boosted by greater distance and the promise of thine own weapon's description [read it!]  be true! By now youre alredy on the next target.. Happy Hunting!!

Stalker Shotgun 8 here also wished for the killing wind achievement because of and I quote "Well, i'm good for the first one or two waves" and likes to MONSTER KILL