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In-Game Terminology Update

In-Game Terminology Update

Hey, Pilots!

It’s no secret that we are preparing Mech Arena for our global launch, and the dev team is working hard on adding awesome new stuff, fixing bugs that crop up, and generally streamlining gameplay. This also involves a great deal of player testing, and it’s shown us that the language we use in the game could be simplified and improved. Thanks to your feedback and support, we’ve made changes to make Mech Arena more accessible to everyone.

The majority of these changes are minor, and you shouldn’t have trouble navigating the game even if you’ve played from day one. But here’s a comprehensive list of major changes just to ease the transition (old terms on the left, new terms on the right).

Mechs & Mech Loadouts

Much of the player feedback suggested terminology related to building Mechs was unclear, so many terms used in the mech loadout interface have been clarified.

Chassis -> Mech

Energy/Energy Limit (for Mechs) -> Energy Capacity

Energy (for Weapons) -> Energy Cost

Equip/Unequip (for Mechs) -> Add/Remove (to Squad)

Equipped/Not Equipped (for Mechs) -> In Squad/Not In Squad

Mech Power -> Power Rating

Copies -> Equip Limit

Second Copy -> Equip Limit Increase

Ability (for Weapons) -> Perk

Critical Hit Chance -> Double Damage Chance

Status Effects

To help players understand status effects, we introduced the concept of “Effects” into the game, so the Weapons and Mech Abilities that apply these Effects have been modified to reflect that.

Effect Names:

Overheat -> Overheat Effect

Stasis -> Stasis Effect

Zephyr’s Ability and Surge’s Ability now both apply “EMP Effects”

Guardian’s Ability now applies a “Shutdown Effect”

Redox’s Ability now applies a “Corrosive Effect”

Perk and Ability Changes:

Overheat (Thermal Lance Perk) -> Scorcher

Stasis (Stasis Beam Perk) -> Slowdown

EMP (Zephyr Ability) -> Shock Pulse

Rate -> Effect Speed


Testing revealed that the Token system was unclear to many players, and so its language and UI has been significantly changed.

Battle Tokens -> Combat Points

Victory Tokens -> Victory Points

Victory Points and Combat Points now have a Victory Point Limit and a Combat Point Limit, respectively. As players earn Combat or Victory Points, they get closer to reaching their Limits. Your Limits “clear” over time.

Recharge (Tokens) -> Clear Limit

Crate Names

Crate names were used inconsistently. This is no longer the case.

Free Crate -> Steel Crate

Battle Crate -> Silver Crate

Victory Crate -> Gold Crate

End-of-Battle Reports

Some of the language used in battle results became awkward as the game expanded, so we’ve shifted names around to fit better with all the new features.

Best Mech -> MVP

Round Honors -> Round Wins

Achievements -> Awards

Feats -> Achievements

Reward Systems

Some of the names for Reward Systems weren’t always clear or player-friendly, so we improved them.

Loyalty Rewards -> Daily Login Rewards

Newbie Rewards -> Welcome Rewards

Challenges -> Objectives / Event Objectives

Daily Challenges -> the Daily Event

Keys (for Fortune Vaults) -> Fortune Keys

Free Tournament Tickets -> Standard Tournament Tickets


Mechs and Weapons are not really items, so we’ve, uh, stopped calling them that.

The term “Items” no longer refers to Mechs or Weapons. “Items” still refers to any combination of Crates, Keys, Skins, or other resources, but Mechs and Weapons will now be called “Mechs and Weapons”.

Loot Rush

The original name for this was confusing, so it has been given a new name that’s closer to “Fortune Vault”.

Loot Rush -> Vault Blitz

Marks -> Fortune Points

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Add me piløts 1562156 (only if u play daily)

22 сент. 2021, 07:5722.09.21

I wish there was at least no limit on xp gain.  not even the FAQ is showing this, and not at the end of the battle.  it is not known for sure what the xp limit is.  but it is something that has affected us a lot.  although to be bad that we level up faster with no xp cap, there is still a long journey.  even you could create a new level, even the division class could be raised, to further increase the point limit.  and improves the rewards that are few, for the dedication we have in battle.