Huge lag when attacking on a mobile device

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7 February, 2018, 9:10 PM UTC

Recently(like last month or two) I get a huge lag when pressing attack button on a city. Depending on event,takes from one to three seconds to load screen with troops. And when finally doing so,releasing attack can be an ever longer adventure. I noticed that with smaller troop number in city that operation takes less time,also attacking with scouts doesn't take that much as with troops.

Phone is last year flagship device with Snapdragon 821 in it and bunch of free memory and stable optic fibre wifi connection. 

When i play on a PC(bluestacks) the problem is non existent and all attacking operations are done instantly.

Can u do something about that?

Cuz i asked around and all player encounter the same problem.....and i must remind you,it's a mobile phone game,not a PC game.
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9 February, 2018, 6:28 AM UTC

yes i have same problems. And i know people who did deinstall this game cause its to much lag after sending an attack.  Me lost this night many many troops because of this. 

Before i could go in set menu for take the shild, game dont react and i was needed to restart application.

Its sad but the whole servers of this game are laggy, makes me think about to leave it even if its good game but these problems shouldnt excist by so many players and so many money of possibiltys.

Sad PLarium
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