Lost resources due to freezing bug

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3 February, 2018, 8:19 PM UTC
Last night my game froze up after purchasing a pack, causing me to be attacked and losing resources,troops, and influence!!! Support refuses to return items lost do to their glitch!!!! I WANT MY RESOURCES AND STUFF RETURNED PLARIUM!!!! Iwouldnt be harpin on this if it was my own stupidity........BUT IT WASNT IT WAS YOURS!!!!!!! Most of my post are being deleted by plarium so you wont know the truth!!!!! THEY'RE A BUNCH OF LYING CHEATING THIEVES!!!!! update: STILL A BUNCH OF LYING CHEATING THEIVES THAT HAVE LOST A SPENDER!!!!RETURN MY STOLEN TROOPS RESOURCES AND INFLUENCE!!!! AND NOW IM NOT RECEIVING ITEMS IVE BOUGHT INGAME AND THE PLARIUM THEIVES WONT GIVE IT TO ME OR REFUND MY DANG MONEY!!!! BUNCH OF LYING THEIVING CHEATERS!!!!!
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