Crafting in the forge is it supposed to work like this?

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27 January, 2018, 2:43 AM UTC

I  have crafted things in the forge several times before, and the previous time that I did so, I noticed that it took the materials out of the stock, but it did not deduct the silver till after the piece was finished .I was also able to see that the article was being processed.

However something  different happened  recently,  and I have to point out a small but  possibly significant change. 

I decided to craft something that was above my Hero level. The materials were taken out of stock  as before, and the silver remained unchanged as before. This time I couldn't see that the article was being crafted or find out where to boost the time .Maybe  I just made a mistake here.

Anyway the article should be finished by now, it appears to be in the stock list ( yes I know its unwearable till I get the right  Hero level)  Significantly ??  the silver hasn't been deducted , so is it finished ? in limbo ? or something else ?

Thanks .
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3 February, 2018, 7:05 PM UTC

Not sure, my Forge is buggy too, I went there to look at gear I could crafft and the weapon symbol is spinning, like I am crafting something, but nothing is being crafted, I thought perhaps it was telling me there was a legendary I could craft, checked them all, some had a chance at Leg, but they were under 50% and not rolling the dice.. I never noticed the silver and do not pay attention enough to know how many items I have in inventory to know if removed or not...

Just wanted to add it seems buggy to me as well...
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3 February, 2018, 11:09 PM UTC
I think that spinning is when some equipment is being researched in the stronghold ... and I haven't noticed that silver isn't taken out when you start building a piece of equipment ... I will check that out next time I build but seems that it should be taken out or you could use it for something else.
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