My Town is not Collecting the Resources it should get per hour!

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3 September, 2017, 11:38 PM UTC

I should make over 1 Million per Hour in Silver! I Should make Over 4 Million per Hour in Food! I come back a Day Later still sitting pretty much where I Started from, My other resources are the same way! I have just caught on to this but wondered before how all my Clanmates seem to have so much more then Me in Resources.

I sent to Support so We'll see what happens!

They responded within a Day! It was my bad, I didn't understand at the time the Limit you can hold on Town Resources for which it then stops collecting. The reason I didn't catch it was that You can go Over that Limit by getting Resources in other ways like Yielding for Resources. That Explains how I would have like 10 times more than I could actually hold by just Town Resourcing.
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