Ahh how things were...... time to reminisce.

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11 September, 2018, 10:11 PM UTC

Ahh time to reminisce about how things were before the overhaul of the challenges.

I remember when boosts were in short supply and I had a level 15 town. Iwas going to upgrade some invader knowledge to level 10 and it required 95 weeks!!!!

Luckily I waited and got some good hero gear and it cut the time down. Then the overhaul came adding many new things to learn, many upgrade times were grestly reduced but the cost for resources was greatly increased. 

For example in Economic a level 1 upgrade was 3M per resource then doubles at each stage putting level 10 I'm guessing at 1.5B per resource. (I've only got to level 4 and need 48M per resource for the level 5 so it works out)

The thing is I miss it a bit as it took the pressure off. If you had a building upgrade and a knowledge upgrade going you didn't have to worry about saving resources if you were attacked. You could take a week or so away from the game and be no worse off.

The best bit was it meant more when the upgrade was done as you had waited for so long. Now with all the bonus items from challenges  many upgrade can (If you save a few upgrades up or have a good clan to clear many checkpoints) be done with a few clicks and then you get impatient having to wait 2 week's as you didn't wait for the 10% extra boost. 

Taking time meant you could plan what to upgrade next as well as where to send your troops for safe keeping when your shield ran out.

 Also with gold being quite scarce back then there was a lot less jumping around the map hitting Jarls that were farming as no-one could afford the gold or earn enough loyalty points quickly.

What did you like about things before the overhaul and added knowledge levels?

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