Interview with Gandalf

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Ivar Marksman
1 November, 2017, 12:18 PM UTC

Today we're getting to know a unique Jarl! Read an interview with the Jarl Gandalf, who produces more than 68 million Food/hour!

V.: Hello, Gandalf. Tell us what helped you to achieve such numbers: was it Knowledge, Skills, or equipment?

G.: In terms of achieving my numbers, all three of those things played a role. With Food, equipment is by far the most important, but Hero's Skills and Knowledge are still significant. With everything together at the moment I have 3,112% Food production. (Gems are handy too!) Dedication is extremely important for any resource, but especially Food.

V.: How often do you have to get rid of extra resources to keep production going?

G.: The frequency with which I had to get rid of resources has varied as I've developed as a player, and as updates have been released. Before the update that expanded the Economic Knowledge tree, I had to get rid of Food every 45 minutes, as my max capacity could only reach so much. As of now, I have to dump Food every 1h 35m, and my max capacity is 107 million.

V.: Are you the only source of Food for your clansmen or do some of them yield the resource in locations?

G.: We have a couple other people who do produce Food, one is more frequently in war mode however, but the others do about 15 million per hour. I've been the primary source pretty much since I joined the Clan back in October of 2015.

V.: Do you farm or do you only produce?

G.: I used to farm, but I don't even bother with it anymore (I quite literally don't even have Hero's Skills put into it anymore). With 67.36m/h production right now, I produce over a million in a minute... It's sort of redundant for me to farm. I know a number of people in our Clan still farm tiles, which is still important, but hypering resources in Town is by far more efficient timewise, and also a better use of Hero's Skills.

V.: Have your stocks ever been jeopardized because of an expired Shield? Have you ever lost all your accumulated resources?

G.: Believe it or not, up until a couple months ago I never used to shield. Not even during the Kingdoms Battle, Clans Battle, or Kingdoms Battle: Revenge. With the increased Gold rewards from events however, it just makes sense to shield. Before that, I preferred to put my Gold towards boosts over Shields. I occasionally lost some Food, but it wasn't a huge deal as I'd just produce whatever I lost in an hour again anyways. (I typically only lost Food while I was sleeping). We pool our resources in bank players, we've had the odd time a bank loses their Shield but nothing major.

V.: Do you think a Clan can get by without a farmer and yield and produce resources exclusively on their own?

G.: Personally, I'm not sure how any Clan can get by without some source of hyper-produced Food, or any other resource, whether that be someone at the scale I'm at, or the accumulated contributions from multiple smaller hypers. My Clan has a good chunk of members who are dedicated hypers that supply resources to banks. Without them doing what they do, and me doing Food... I can guarantee my Clan would not be where it's at today. Farming is good, but hypering is better.

V.: Are you also a bank or is that another clansman’s job?

G.: I am not specifically a bank. However, we do have a few banks and I do help out with one of them, with permission from the owner of the bank.

V.: Name the three things you like most about Vikings: War of Clans.

G.: I think the first thing that I like most about Vikings: War of Clans is that, especially after the Gold rewards from events, the game is quite honestly open to anyone. Many people say you can't get anywhere if you don't spend, but that's not true. Hypering resources is not expensive, but is also a very significant aspect of a Clan's health. Getting gear for it can be a little more difficult, but you can easily produce 5+ mil/h without it.

The second thing would be that you can easily switch between different Hero Sets, as it saves a lot of headaches tapping away at Hero Skills every time you want to switch from hypering to go kill someone, and then back to hypering when you're done.

Third, would be that the game honestly attracts a lot of really awesome people and I've been able to develop a lot of great friendships with those people, and I'm happy I can call them my Clan mates. Without them there's no way I'd be where I'm at, and vice versa.

G.: While this wasn't directly a question, one thing I think that Vikings: War of Clans could do to improve would be by adding an event that rewards resource production in the Town. The Clans Battle sort of does in the sense that you can boost resource transformations in the Stronghold for points, but it's not the same. There is so far an event for every aspect of the game whether it's fighting, yielding, hitting Invaders, or what not, but there's no event yet for resource producers that produce in the Town.

Jarls, which resource production is upgraded most in your Town? Send screenshots of the Statistics tab in your Palace!

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