STOP these winning by Training and SH Boosts !!!

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4 October, 2018, 1:38 PM UTC

At the moment you really can really participate as really active player only in 1/4 of the event (normal KvK).

The other 3 events are dominated by troop training and stronghold boosts. 

Even if you outkill and outyield enemy clan in CvC they outtrain and outboost you in last 2 hours of event

without really participating whole time. Last event they managed 10+ billions of troop training and 20+billions

of SH boosts in last 2h. The new training boosts which did come this week is another way into the wrong

direction as long as training troops gains so much points.

Being active as killing and yielding which is more time consuming and has a lot more risk should be much

more points worth then stupid training without any risk.

Please reward active playing more !!!

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4 October, 2018, 6:21 PM UTC
I 100% agree with you in my second last clans battle we had a huge lead from killing troops and yielding but the other clan started converting in the sh and training t5 troops they went ahead and had double our points, in the last half hour of the cvc I had to do lots of knowledge upgrades with gold to regain the lead and we only just won, we would of won with ease if they had not started converting in the sh and training troops and you were also correct about ylding and killing troops being more time consuming and risky we were tile hit a hell of a lot by the other clan so me and my deputy chief both set tile traps that really payed off, unfortunately the other clan was very dishonourable and got the biggest clan from their kingdom to hit my deputy chiefs second trap killing most of his troops and that is when the converting and troop training really started. We were really happy to get the deserved win after they resorted to underhand tactics like getting other clans to fight their battles and trying to buy the win with troops training and converting in the sh.
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5 October, 2018, 1:42 AM UTC
I think there needs to be more points for killing during cvc because yes it has become a competition of who trains the most.  You only get twice as much for killing troops as you do for training them ... it really discourages killing and encourages training.
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