seems to me the game is designed against you

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17 December, 2017, 4:31 PM UTC

just tried to farm one time "because i had it" with farming, so i put some troops on a tile, clicked the tile, clicked cancel and sat there in a group of towns with there shields flashing around them, then sat with a cursor over return and did not take my eyes off the tile looking for shields to drop or a little tines or trail leading to the tile.

didn't see a damn thing but oops tile hit because the game has been designed so you cant see what you need to.

I also turned on game mode on my monitor to brighten and make things easier to see bacause when you click on the tile and sit with your cursor over the return button what your looking at is darkened even more.

so even if you sit watching intently doesnt matter its been designed so you always fail with all the shields bright and flashing the hard to see trails.

I had enough of this bullsht your design sucks imo.

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