What are the precise droprates of invaders?

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7 December, 2017, 11:38 AM UTC

So today, I logged in and found myself happy to see Celts have returned, need them to farm special set.

Since lvl 6 invaders are the ones that give the best chance to get the comps (loot from ubers is just too random), I've been farming them for about an hour.

I add here something interesting and I would LOVE an answer from someone from the game: I used a 20% hero dmg bonus before starting the farming. What is funny/sad/WTF is, I usually need around 22 to 25 hits to kill a lvl 6 inv withouth hero dmg bonus. And with the hero dmg bonus today, I have been needing MORE hits to kill them. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THAT?

But, back to the main problem: I am trying to craft the Solid Boots from Celts. Of course I need them legendary, less than that doesn't interest me. And so far (I've killed around 5 or 6 of them), I've gotten three rare strings, where I need 2 legendaries.

I get so much SHIT I don't need, gems for example (I get about a dozen per kill) and other stuff which is even less usefull, but specific invader loot is awefully hard to get.

So my question is, can some game master, don't know who, give me, and the community, the precise numbers for loots?

Why the question now? Because first it costs me money to kill these shitheads and I have to wait longer and longer to get packs and second, it takes REALLY LONG to kill enough to craft ONE piece of set and I simply can't give the game so much time. Between these 2 facts, and other subjects unrelated here, I'm really asking myself if I want to go on with this game?

I get the fact that Plarium wants money, but this is getting stupid, to the point that lots of players will stop if they go on like that.

Ps: btw, yesterday was the same shitshow with Vultures, I had to kill around 20 of them to get one freakin amulet, so this is nothing new. And I've been farming sets for quite some time now.

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7 December, 2017, 2:19 PM UTC

There are posts related to this on the forum, some of them recently asked questions.

Several people have suggested they are getting less from invaders now, but who knows for certain or why?.

Who really knows the most cost efficient way to get the things from invaders to make equipment from?


Technically only the programmers would know this ,or what should happen, but that doesn't mean it will, that's why they want to know about bugs so they can fix them.

They just did an update, so it could be not working as intended,  or they could have changed  things in general  or specifically deliberately.

There's the Invaders competition running now,where one invader appears only for 24 hours and the normal ones, are the amounts that are supposed to drop identical?

Maybe they made a requirement for the need for more hits , so you would need to spend more energy,  so  you wouldn't get as many points, so they wouldn't need to give you as many bonuses  and gold, so you would need to spend more money......

Or maybe this is all nonsense and its just down to randomness  and luck.

There appears to be certain mysteries about this game and if someone has, or thinks they have solved one, they might not want to share the solution with everybody. 

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7 December, 2017, 8:06 PM UTC

Quite frankly I think they believe we the paying customers will continue to be paying customers if they keep ratcheting up what we need to pay for worse rewards.  In other words, they made the invaders harder to kill and made them drop worse equipment so we'd need to spend more money to achieve the same goal.

They are wrong.
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