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5 December, 2017, 4:23 PM UTC

Due to an error i use my novice relocation to the wrong kingdom. I stay on level 5 actually.

Buying gold to use standard relocation doesn't match!!!

Whait is it possible to do to move to another kingdom.

If i uninstall and re install may i re start to the right kingdom ??

Thank for your experience and answers
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5 December, 2017, 4:56 PM UTC
You only option is to start with a new account and relocate to the kingdom you desire. The novice relocate is a one time item, once it's used you can not relocate to a new kingdom a second time.
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5 December, 2017, 9:28 PM UTC

Hopefully  you haven't spent much money, if any at all, and if you are only level 5 (being level 5 has its advantages) haven't got very far in the game so starting again and moving to the correct kingdom this time is the best course of action. 

There's nothing,as far as I'm aware of  to prevent  you keeping this account, you could use it as practice.  

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