Android 7.0 users

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1 December, 2017, 1:48 AM UTC

Since they haven't addressed this aside from saying it's not on their end, id like to post my work around.

I'm using a galaxy S7 Edge. I have 4GLTE, and still can't log in that way. I've tried creating a new APN, that didn't work. So, now I've resorted to going to settings>connections>mobile networks> then changing the network from 4glte to 2G. From here load the game. After the game loads to 100%, and you see your town, hit the the app switch/tiles what ever you want to call it, and switch your connection back to 4g, switch back to the game. Has to be done quickly. If there is any Confusion message me as I have posted a YouTube video showing the steps I take.

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