How many buldings on main town.

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25 November, 2017, 5:07 PM UTC
Hello guys can some1 tell me how many of wich buildings should i construct to be ok with all(wood food lumber etc)and what hero skills should i improve my hero is lv 44 and town is lv 17
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25 November, 2017, 6:13 PM UTC

The question is a bit like, 'how long is a piece of string?'

With out knowing what you have done so far, and I wouldn't recommend saying what here, its difficult to advise  specifically

I am guessing that the designers of the game have built in the need for a balanced economy, so this would be a good point to start from

What you need to do will be dependant on your style of play, and  how much time you can devote to actually playing the game.

You can get quite substantial amounts from resource tiles such that you might get away with little or no production in town.

You seem to have done pretty well already by doing what you have been doing so far.

If you look at your statistics, it will tell you exactly what you have made and what you have spent it on.

Check on what you want,would like to research, learn, construct  and what is likely to cost check to see is if your economy capable and adjust   production and yielding if it cant.

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25 November, 2017, 7:28 PM UTC
If you don't fight and stay shielded all the time, only build 1 barrack and 1 infirmary and build more manors for silver production.  But like XYZ says it really depends on you.  I used to be balanced and then I created a bank account and really started raiding, which collects a lot of food, so I destroyed all of my farms but one and added more mines as I seem to have a harder time raiding for iron in my kingdom.
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26 November, 2017, 12:49 AM UTC
Iron  resource tiles,  yield pretty slow, and apart from silver, contain the least amount of goods ,which tends to be why they are perhaps  harder to come by
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