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5 November, 2017, 11:56 AM UTC

March size:

Maximise march size to double or more without boost "a lot of small players can't beat because of troops qty not power, which make useless investing in the game". I can't accept player with 10% of my power inf to stay un-shield next tome and i can't attack him because of march limit; even with booster activated

Beside OS is not always available for many reason but most because of time zone difference.


- During events should have option to show only enemies players from other kingdom

- Navigator list should include last access time ext to distance

Clan battle report:

- Basic info required such as summary of collected rss, and troops killed so attacker can back and attack good target. this will enhance server performance too instead of checking each one details.

- Ability to save fight report with details.

- Put battle report as tab next My Town task indicators 

Shield period:

delay re-shield after shield drop for 30 seconds, to make the game more interesting instead of the game of how you shield fast

Troops selection window:

- We need to resize the window with smaller size to see whole rows of one type at least.
- Make tabs for each troops tier level T1 , T2, ... to T6 fro quick selection

- Make memory for usual setup attack

Gems Crafting

We need gems crafting similar as item crafting "Easy & Fast"

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13 November, 2017, 1:11 PM UTC
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