Devoplers need to fix problem

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22 September, 2017, 10:11 PM UTC

Three weeks now and maintenance still has NOTfix the problem of bad information screens.  


FIRST, the system is fine for the first 50 percent upon opening. Then you see that from 50 percent to 100 percent you get wave lines background in the percent loading bar.    Your offer cookie has the wave lines background. Sometimes can read what you are offering to us.

SECOND, when you upgrade a building or knowledge  half of the information is unreadable.   

THIRD, when you go to global map and hit the navigator button screen. You get wave lines background except the left side pictures and right side buttons and how far in KM.

FOURTH, ALL four mail boxes have wave lines background. CANNOT read the message.

FIFTH, lower left hand corner the chat room box wave lines background OR the lower right hand corner can not read what you are upgrading because of the wave lines background.

OTHER THEN THAT, you have a good game.  Wall need to be 2 percent NOT 1 percent each upgrade..  Silver 25 percent should go to vault as a reserve.  As for hero either start with lower levels OR double (increase) the main hero's skills. The hero's invader skill should remain the same.


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