5 days plus, No account, NO answers.

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12 September, 2017, 12:19 AM UTC

I was playing the game almost a week ago, in a battle with another clan, we planned a further stronghold boost less then an hour before the clan battle ended, a surprise boost to win the battle, we were 1 plus billion in points winning, but wanted to blast the enemy, when I lost connection it said. I logged in again, but to my surprise, it was another town, a new one since it had nothing build. We lost the battle, some of my classmates moved on to a different clan, few things happened very quickly, like I got kick out of my own clan because I was no where to be found and never delivered my part to boost and win the battle. I was in front of place of power, but after running out of shield and getting hit ones, as we all know it relocate somewhere in the Forrest, where it got hit, after hit, after hit until I run out of troops. It's been almost a week, and after been in touch with support team, and sending picture of email purchases, forwarded emails, countless messages providing them with information, all I get is: be patience, our team is working to resolve this issue, please contact only one team, as information may get confused if you contact others... I don't know what to do anymore. After speaking to my clan Chief, things got sorted out, I'm back with the clan, with all the help offer from every member. Day 6, clan chief relocated my town, decided to put the new town next to the old one, and called it "EDDIE fake account" By the end of Day 6, my account reloaded back, but I lost everything.. This may sound ridiculous to you all, probably laughing at my expense, but this is not right. I told the support team that I will keep posting on every platform, until I get myself heard. What had happend, and the so automated way of getting feed back to the customers, so repetitive over and over. It is very clear, support team doesn't even bother to read our messages. It will cost me 15 millions of gold, to save what is left of my troops, and the rest GONE, can not even buy them with gold, because is not an option anymore. By the way, cero apologies, cero help to restored what was lost, nothing. I'm sooo dissatisfied, disappointed, so impersonal the way plarium is handling my business. I'm going to give it a shot at the impossible, but with just a little bit of luck, I will try to get in touch with Avi Shalel

Gabi Shalel

Illya Turpiashvili

Haim Turpiashvili

Ivan Vorobeychyk

Michael Morgovsky

Yaron Hakimi, the founders of plarium. Maybe their secretary. I sure they will like to know how people who spend a good amount of money, are treated with robotic messages, same messages over and over, very impersonal. All this things just drives customers away. I hope my situation gets fix, it's day 7 and when I log in, it welcomes me with: Welcome Toruk Makto... But I am Eddie. This is my info: ID: 17580742 Kingdom: Kyargiram . X:257, Y:518 Name: 

E D D I E.

Update... Will just copy paste Plarium answer:

Dear Erubey, we sincerely regret this situation. This case is a cause for concern, so we understand your disappointment. However, according to the Terms of Use, we don't provide users with any compensation and do not guarantee that our service or game will be provided without interruptions, securely and without failures. Of course, every game has its errors. In the future we will try to take your remarks into account and fix issues more quickly. The game will be improved and new exciting updates will be released. We hope that they will change your negative view of the game.
Follow the link to read the Terms of Use: http://company.plarium.com/refund-policy/

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12 September, 2017, 8:24 AM UTC

Dear Jarl,

We have taken actions to solve this issue.

Best regards,

Your Plarium Support Team

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