need changement

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10 September, 2017, 11:33 AM UTC


it's necessary to have modifications

1) it's necessary, we have less bug, it's tiring no to be able to do anything cause the game crash too much during an action, and we can't reconnect most of the time. So it's too easy to loose everything without be able to defend. 

- 8hours protection i don't use anymore too risky, we don't kwow when we'll be able to reconnect

- a game which crash every time, it's not a final game but a beta game

2) Needs only 2 kvk+revenge and  2 cvc by month-  Actually, we don't have time between big events to recuperate and use benefits of our win. 

when we win the kvk revenge, opponents  are the only we can profit of lv7' - we lost some kvk because of that + adversary in cvc have too much advantages against us. 

3) Need modification in assistance too, they don't recontact and they do anything not to reparate when the system bug, even when the person give them all the proofs

It's very easy to reparate lost level of knowledge or edification cause of a bug, in most of the game we can do that without problem. And it cost nothing just five minutes.   

Hope you will do fastly modifications, cause if you let everything like it is, you ruin this interesting game.  

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