Accumulative Troop Strength while attacking or defending

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9 July, 2017, 8:12 PM UTC

I am trying to figure out the outcome of attacks, if I knew all of the stats beforehand.  I'm assuming that the baseline offense, defense, health plus all bonuses get calculated to figure out a bottom line troop strength number for each troop.  Then in an attack, the total troop strength sent will kill the amount of troop strength of the defender.  What I can't figure out is how these numbers all work in conjunction.  Also, I noticed that on a level 26 account with level 26 barrack, that my offense, defense, health is 5 points higher than a level 26 palace with level 25 barrack - for each troop.  Does the barrack level increase the strength of the troops?  If so, I have never seen that written anywhere in the game.  Has anyone figured out these calculations?  I have tested hundreds of various attack and defense setups.  And do very well with in-game fighting - I've figured out basic rules of fighting to know when I will win and when I would lose, as well as what needs to go into a trap or onslaught to win.  But I would like to get into more detail to tighten up my gameplay so that I know if a certain ratio of troops will win with less points loss or influence loss than another.  Thanks.

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