Chief Overthrown!

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30 June, 2017, 1:00 AM UTC

I personally believe that the game needs to incorporate a method into the game that allows a certain rank (such as Elder) to be capable of taking the position of Cheif of the Clan over in case of...

1.) Chief is inactive and no longer logs in frequently enough to take care of the clans needs, or quit without replacing the titles. 

2.) Because that's the kind of things Vikings do baby!!! 

My idea is why not set up a feature inside the Clan <>

Understand that when a women becomes Cheif they tend to be stubborn, and very selfish. Giving little to no [email protected]%&s about anyone but themselves. 

For the love of Odin and his son! Please consider my words and take them to Valhalla and back if you must but let thy Jarls not suffer from those you no longer have spirit to fight on!

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30 June, 2017, 12:09 PM UTC

Wow. Dude, how I can see your clan has a tyrant lady chief.  

Anyway such function would we a very convenient

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30 June, 2017, 1:28 PM UTC
Wow. This is sexism  But yes, we kinda need this function
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1 July, 2017, 7:01 AM UTC
I totally agree with if a chief has not logged into the game say for 2 weeks or a month for an elder to be able to replace them.  However I find it quite foolish of you to make remarks about women in general. There are some great women clan leaders.  :)
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7 July, 2017, 2:49 AM UTC
Yes, we need this function 👍
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Princess Bella 181
7 July, 2017, 3:02 AM UTC

I'm a girl and a clan leader in fact I rule the kingdom be greatful you are not in my kingdom or else your arse would be 1. Burning daily or 2. Out of the game 

Other than that stupid remark yes I agree that would be a great feature to add 
Princess Bella
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16 August, 2017, 1:55 AM UTC


FIRST, if the clan leader is inactive for 30 days, then a support ticket is sent to PLARIUM for a clan vote. PLARIUM can verify how long the Clan Leader been gone.

SECOND, an ELDER or Deputy Clan Leader is granted temp Clan Leader for 30 days (day 31 thru 60) while the clan votes.  NO clan member can be kick out (LOCK OUT, TAG OUT) except clan member leaves or violate PLARIUM rules.  If the Clan Leader becomes active again, then he is Clan Leader; HOWEVER, the clan member continue voting until day 60.

THIRD, the ELDER or Deputy Clan Leader or the player with the most vote becomes temp Clan Leader for 30 days (day 61 thru 90). If the Clan Leader stay inactive for 90 days, THEN the temp Clan Leader become ACTING CLAN LEADER. If the Clan Leader return during this time period, he become a clan member and can ask for his job back.

FINALLY,  PLARIUM PLEASE TO NOTE, each and every year from now on places an announcement for (CLAN LEADER TO REPORT IN) and a message sent to each and all clan leader in ALL your games  to report in to PLARIUM.  WHY YOU ASK?   First you WILL now know which clan has an active leader.  Second you WILL know which clan has an inactive clan leader or inactive clan.

NOW MY REASONING,  I play your other game Total Domination. My Clan Leader has been inactive as of today 900 days (over 2 and 1/2 years).

DO YOU NOT THINK THAT IS LONG ENOUGH TO BE INACTIVE as a leader. All the other clan members are inactive for the past 6 months. 

It is easy for PLARIUM to announce CALL ALL CLAN LEADER TO REPORT IN. It is the same as news of offers to your buyers or up coming events.

AND MOST OF ALL, it easy to implement and can be run by a moderator.

Thank for listening and have a good evening.
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5 September, 2017, 10:00 AM UTC
other then the blatant sexism , my clan is ran by an amazing woman and we have a fair bit of amazing woman as elders too and we get stuff done. calling out women was uncalled for on my kingdom you wouldn't last a week with that attitude you would be blacklisted by all the major clans and attacked by everyone. a large number of the clans are lead my women chiefs at least on my kingdom , we tend to be more level headed and not ego driven and can work together with out destroying ourselfs from within and it helps for KVKs. Im sorry you must of had a bad experence with a clan leader that was female, but that was just her and not the rest of us what you did was steroytype us all based on nothing. As far as women being stuborn and selfish where are you basing your evidance for this? All the woman i know give up everything to help the others in the clan to become better, RSS , knowledge based on our experence we share it all to make our clan and kingdom better. But hey what a man thinks is always right yes? im assuming thats what you believe based on your comment.  As far as being able to remove clan leaders sure i agree alot of the other games i use to play had that ability , once the clan leader was gone for 2 weeks , the highest elder took their place
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6 September, 2017, 11:05 PM UTC

The clan I am in had an inactive chief. We fixed this by renaming the clan, then the person nominated to be the next chief left the clan to recreate the old clan and everyone joined it. There are only 2 downsides - apart from the convoluted method.

1) We lost all the stronghold resources the previous chief had been stockpiling, in particular the scrolls. However, replacing the old chief using the function suggested wouldn't solve that.

2) Because we effectively created a new clan, with the old clan's name, we had to wait 24 hours before we could register any points in new events.

While the function mentioned would be more convenient than this method, it wouldn't "fix" a problem that doesn't already have a fix.

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10 September, 2017, 12:51 AM UTC
Well if there was already a stronghold then it would be nice to be able to replace a chief that has disappeared ...there is no work around for that so as to keep the stronghold if the chief disappears.
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20 September, 2017, 2:48 AM UTC

i am the lone survivor in our clan, as an elder. our chief went into the hospital and never came out. this was over a year ago now, and the entire clan disbanded, except for me. i have tried several times to get Plarium to assign me as chief so that i don't have to give up on our stronghold.

Maybe some day they will allow, in such a situation as this, to let a lone surviving elder to become chief.  ><>

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17 October, 2017, 2:47 AM UTC

Really...that's all I could think to say once I read the "OMG you are such a sexist" remarks from so and so users. Not going to tag the replies because I'm not interested in trying to start more hostile conflicts unrelated to the subject at hand but what I do feel is now mandatory is to help justify the reasoning of my obviously poorly chosen words at the present time. One I was as upset, about as upset as waking up to your palace engulfed in flames for not remembering to ante up on that peace shield. Two I thought it would of been nice to NOT use the name of the player (no longer in that clan therefore not my Chief anymore) and keep that information concealed. Lastly, it was a clan that was formed by the thoughts of both myself and the selfish, stubborn wom...I Mean VIKINGS PLAYER! But my actions are what put the clan into motion. The reason she was Chief is simple, I was new to the game she was not and from her I learned the basics. However she decided to log in after the loss of all the CvC rewards once her shield dropped. Also I'm in a clan with...yeah that's right a female chief so clearly I'm not a sexist...damn people come on, I thought the anger was more then noticable that day I made the Topic. However I do apologize to anyone that got offended that was not my intentions. Sorry.

Now...I will direct my attention to you "PRINCESS BELLA 181" Get off that high horse. A ruler of a kingdom and Clan chief that you are to unproud of to address? You sound like a liar and worst of all a noob. Burn me daily? Girl check the shield price and look in your kingdom for a dude named Steve, and a blue dog because you seriously need to get a clue.

Okay so back to buisness...I see plenty of good vibes on the thought but we need to better inrich the idea. Anyone got anything else that seems reasonable as far as in-game actions are concerned? No one wants to contact Plarium for anything so I throw that idea into the depths of Hades.

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17 October, 2017, 2:55 AM UTC

Also I wanted to personally say, Dylan, bless you and your loyalty to the clan you refuse to disembark from. I truly was touched to read what you spoke of and heart broken from what may have happened to your Chief. I am now, more then I was even before when furious going to promise you that I will do everything in my power to make the action of chief replaced for players like you and other's who may have the same/similar issue.

Odin bless you Viking, may the gods shower you with good favor until the ends of time.
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