VIP after level 15

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22 June, 2017, 8:52 PM UTC

I'm sure this question has been raised a lot but i'll be darned if I can find an answer from search.

Question: I have level 15 VIP - what happens now? I still get VIP points but they don't do anything - has Plarium come up with either a replacement for the points 'won' in game or is it just another dead end and pointless like the umpteen name changes you keep getting with Invader fights.

There are a number of useless things but no way to dispose of them - Plarium should come up with some sort of trade-in of these 'items' and VIP points given after VIP 15 is done. Otherwise it's pointless to get them, adding to unnecessary clutter of the game.

The VIP thing should definitely have a satisfying ending perk and a way to utilize the points that are awarded after VIP 15 is finished.

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