Boosts and how they are calculated?

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Hallbera Halti
4 June, 2017, 9:50 AM UTC

I am trying to work out how the construction boosts are calculated. 

It is fairly straightforward to predict resource production or onsl size as you can see the number each building gives you and all boosts, hero skills, gear and knowl calculations are based on that number.

But time boosts seem to be a bit more complicated. 

I noted the event boost will deduct the 10% last, after build sets and other boosts have been activated. That is due to the little calculation they show (*).

But what baseline does all other boosts or knowl use to give the final time for the upgrade? 

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9 July, 2017, 8:59 PM UTC

Lets say you use 120 seconds to train 10 troops. When adding all the percentages (manors, items, potential event bonuses etc) you will come up with a lesser training speed reduction than the actual reduction. This is because there is a distinction between additive and multiplicative bonuses. The multiplicative bonuses will make a new base figure which the additive bonuses depends on. I will list up which bonuses are additive and which are multiplicative.

TYPE 1: Multiplicative bonuses

Daily bonuses and speed-up items (this counts for all 3, training speed, building speed and learning speed)

TYPE 2: Additive bonuses

Training speed: Manors, knowledge, hero skills and hero equipment

Building speed: Knowledge, hero skills and hero equipment

Learning speed: Oracle level, hero skills and hero equipment

Lets take an example to make it easier to understand (i will continue with that 120 second training time i mentioned earlier in the note):

Lets say you have a 20% training speed item on, and you got 200% training speed from manors and 120% training speed from hero skills. In addition to that there is a 10% training speed daily bonus on at the moment. Lets first take care of the daily bonuses:

NEW TIME=120*[120/(120+120*0.10)

NEW TIME=120*[120/132]

NEW TIME~109 seconds

Now we have 109 as a new base figure, and now i will take care of the 20% training speed item, which also is a multiplicative bonus:

NEW TIME=109*[109/(109+109*0.20)]

NEW TIME~91 seconds

Lastly we will take the additive bonuses which we got from manors and hero skills (320% all together)

NEW TIME=91*[91/(91+91*3.2)]

NEW TIME~22 seconds

With all these bonuses you would thus get the training time down to 22 seconds instead of 120 seconds. I took this example from training speed, but the same structure counts for building speed and learning speed, so you can play a little with the formula on your own numbers and bonuses if you would like 😉

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