Proguide From What I Have Learned So Far

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6 May, 2018, 8:05 PM UTC

Hi guys, I’m Jarl Reese The Elite, I’ve been playing for about 5 weeks now and I’d like to share some tips and life hacks for you.

1.) Make sure to join a clan with active members

2.) Help others in your clan and you’ll get the same help

3.) Make sure to do your tasks! Tasks are free resources and experience for you.

4.) Try to locate to Level 1 resource and Invader locations so you can attack the invaders in a short amount of time.

5.) Buying a Hero Energy pack isn’t a bad idea either because energy can definitely take a long time to fill up.

6.) When buying packs(Starter Level)try to go for resources and boosts at the start. You won’t have to waste your time farming and the boosts will help quicken the wait. And this will help you get your farms, quarries, etc. up and running and will get your other buildings up faster in general.

7.) Make sure to upgrade buildings before you go to bed so 8+ hours are already knocked off, same goes for healing and training troops.

8.) Try to be helpful and talkative in the clan and expect sooner or later to gain higher rank.

9.) SHIELDS, they are so important! When going to bed and you have a populated kingdom, use them! These are top priority to keep your troops and resources safe, and make sure to use them during clan and kingdom battles. 

10.) Invaders, when attacking them, don’t just use up all your energy at once, attack once every time so you can use the advantages of sustained attacks, and if you see low health invaders make sure to kill them so you get bonus items when they die.

11.) Keep your knowledge leveled up so all of your times like building, trading times/costs, invader skills, March speeds, etc. are lessened or increased respectively.

12.) The higher your palace level is the more clan mates can help you by lessening 1 minute or 1% of building or knowledge time, so when you get to those week timers they can get 15% of the time off for you.

13.) During events where you have to kill enemy troops, find the/an opposing clan and click the membership part and go down the list and select someone with your influence level and palace, and press the highlighted coordinates of their town and see if their shields are down or are collecting resources and teleport there and attack quickly and then as soon as your troops have attacked, SHIELD.

14.) Packs, you may want to buy a beginner pack when it becomes available, it gives you a bunch of basics like resources, boosts, and troops plus some other useful stuff. And you may want a troop pack so you can use those for farming or attacking low influence players. Buying Shaman packs are very useful, make sure you look at their bonuses to resources or a specific type of troop, and focus your knowledge and skills on that specific type of troops.

15.) Don’t just buy shields from the side tab, go to the “items” tab on the bottom and go to the store part and scroll down till you see relocations and shields and buy them there, example. One package there sells for 3,150 gold I believe and it includes a Relocation, a 24-Hour Shield, and a couple of other things, but just those 2 make it worth the extra 150 gold or so.

16.) Make sure you have fun and treat others nice like you would want!

I hope you guys liked some of these tips and “hacks” that I’ve found out playing and from others playing the game. This is a good game and hope it continues to grow and wish they’d improve the longer timers and increase the amount of items you get for buying packs but hope they at least improve some of these qualities, Thanks.

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