How to GROW and survive in Viking: War of Clans (proguide)

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4 May, 2018, 1:21 PM UTC

First of all this mostly aim for beginners of the game and i will tell the beginner pro tips in the most detailed ways as i can.

1. Join the newest server or the older server if your friends are already playing it and willing to help you grow.

2. After joining the server try to join the most active and powerful clan,which will be very much beneficial for your growth.

3. Make 3-4 farm accounts, each focusing on different resources each.

4. Focus on activating and upgrading your VIP points as it helps very much in every ways e.g, Battles, Constructions, Researches etc.

5. Do your best and participate in every events as it will reward you with tons and tons of speedups and golds.

6. For the equipment materials attack the invaders to get the materials and each invaders containing different kind of materials for crafting equipments, the material details the invader contain will be shown when you tap the invader icon on the world map.

7. Craft equipment only legendary and only that pass level 50, because it will benefit you more in every way than those lower than level 50.

8. Focus on researches as much as possible, as it will make you more stronger in every way.

9. Make t1 troops as much as possible for farming, attacking etc. And higher tier troops for big battles.

Thats all you need for growing and becoming strong in the game :)

Hope you like it! 

Enjoy and have fun playing Vikings Jarl!

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