Proguide bait n switch trap

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2 May, 2018, 9:47 AM UTC

This is a tip about a simple but still effective trapping method:

You need at least 2 accts so do it together with a clansman for fun. 1 town with a few weak troops will jump to enemy SH on day 1 of CVC/KVK and start attacking until the enemy zeros the town. Then shield and repeat. Point is the enemy will learn the name and learn its an easy kill. This is KEY: make sure the first town that you let get zeroed intentionally has a town name easy to remember! On day 2 or hrs later you change the names so town 2 jumps in with a much stronger defence. As with all traps reinforcements are preferable if it csn be done discretely but the key here is enemy will think you are an easy target and attack carelessly simply because the recognize the name. Careful players will not bite but the design is about drawing the wreckless. 

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