Vikings tool that calculates every piece of material needed for all hero equipment pieces

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24 November, 2018, 7:02 AM UTC

I made a tool to save time (and trees) because I got tired of using 10 pages in a notebook to map out what materials I need in order to make one single piece of the new special gear. You know the ones- one piece of the new special gear needs 4 pieces of special equipment to make it, those pieces each need 1-2 other pieces plus 1-2 materials, those pieces need 2-4 materials each. 

The tool linked below is a full searchable list of ALL hero equipment available to build as of 11/18. The tool will calculate every piece of material you need to collect to make every item needed to build your chosen equipment (even the pieces that contain other pieces), as well as tell you which invaders to hit.

I have found this to be a HUGE time saver, because you can also delete sub-pieces from the list once you build them and they are immediately removed from the materials counts. This lets you constantly have an up to date list of what is needed without re-writing it all the time. I have even included a place for you to track the amount of each material you currently own so you can easily see how much more you need (this is the only part you actually need to input yourself).

The blog post repeats some of this (for those who don't get to it from the forum here) so scroll to the bottom of the blog post to get to the link for the tool.

vikings  searchable equipment tool & materials calculator

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26 November, 2018, 3:24 AM UTC
This is the best tool ever! I just copy what I need to the new sheet and it tells me what invaders to hit and how much i need of every material, so easy!
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2 December, 2018, 6:33 PM UTC

Tool has been updated to highlight # of materials needed red if you don't have enough legendary materials, green if you do. This requires you typing in your materials list from the forge, which only takes a few minutes. I also fixed a couple of typos in it. 

Shaman equipment has been requested multiple times. This is being worked on, I promise! Be patient for this one please! :-)
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15 December, 2018, 10:10 AM UTC

update- A new page has been added, it will now tell you how many of each equipment piece you need to build so you don't have to scan the whole build page to count them up.

Feel free to offer suggestions in the blog comments (link is in the first post here) for what you would like to see added, and please be patient waiting for the updates. :-) 

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