Procure resources, prevent troop loss and score in global events with out a shield proguide

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6 May, 2018, 2:07 AM UTC

I did this for one month to show the new members of our clan a way to procure resources, score points in global events all while without peace shield or the reliance of a shielded clan member and gain inf rather than lose it. All you need to do is this; search your kingdom (or enemy kingdom (prior to relocation) for a town with no recent activity (i call them ghost towns) that is far enough away from your current location at home or intended relocation in global event for the time it takes your warriors to march and return will take longer than your intended time away from the game. Send your spies out as well to prevent the loss of them to enemy espionage. I generally make the marches 1 hr longer than when I plan to return. That allows me time to look at the battle report and look for a different target if I don't like what/how many of each resources my battle win earns. Once you have a ghost town that produces a battle report you like;use your location flags and mark it with a personalized flag

  I also plan my warrior training so that my number of warriors stayed below max troop size in a march and so it's finishing time would coincide with the returning march. as soon as the march returns; send them out again Doing this prevents any warriors being left in town garrison and potentially injured or killed if your town is attacked. Since your troops are marching they can't be attacked. Once they are sent back out; you can use the resources they dropped off for upgrades/training or send them to clan bank/strong hold. Now you are free to do task refreshers, make hero gear, attack invaders with your hero and ghosts with the shaman etc.. 

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