Upgrades: Gold or Rss? proguide

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4 May, 2018, 2:34 PM UTC


One of the things I think is the most important thing in this game is to know the best use of gold.

VIP status and shield are always the first thing when thinking about gold but how about upgrades? Some say that it is always best to use Rss to start an upgrade and then use gold to buy boosts and speed up the process. Well ... not entirely true.

Each sec that you boost has a value in gold. Each Rss that you spend has a value in gold. What you need to do is do the math and compare.

I did as you can see below:

1000 food: 1,95 gold

1000 wood / iron / stone: 3,31 gold

1000 silver: 7,19 gold

1 sec: 0,03 gold

Using this numbers, for every upgrade, I simply do the math and compare if its better start the upgrade using Rss or if its better  to upgrade it using gold.



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