Max number warriors in an Onslaught

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11 April, 2018, 10:00 AM UTC

Hey, guys, recently I saw here guide about Onslaught types, so i decide to make smth related to it, and there’s max number warriors in onslaught set.

And i want begin from 7.250.000 max warriors in onslaught we have on 31 lvl War Bloc.

So to increase this number we need to craft Vulture’s Equip, and here’s it:

Here we go ! And so we have +26.4% number of warriors in onslaught

Then need to notice other bonuses, in particular, Hero’s Skills, Knowledges, SH knowledges :

In Hero’s Skills tab this skills are located at the bottom and we need 166 Skill Points to up 25/25 Troop Number in an Onslaught that give us +20%.

Then we need learn some knowledges: Troop Number in an Onslaught I and II that give us +380% troop number.

And same knowledges: Troop Number in an Onslaught I and II, need to be learned in our SH and it will give is +3.2% troops number (1.6% on 2nd lvl for each one)

Don’t forget about positive repute:

So in the end of all this we have:

7,250M * 449,6% (130%+ 250 + 26,4 + 1.6% + 1.6% + 20% + 20%) = 32 596 000

32 596 000 + 7 250 000 = 39 846 000 max number of warriors in an onslaught we might have

Wait for your comms, guys :) 

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11 April, 2018, 10:14 AM UTC
Nice ... someone in our clan asked this the other day in clan chat and our chief said something around this number.  Can't wait until I have level 31 town ... lol
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11 April, 2018, 1:37 PM UTC
Yes that is the max no. for now and soon we might encounter more no. of troops in OS...seeing the pace of updates coming.
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16 April, 2018, 9:56 AM UTC

 just hope we’ll have guy like this in our clan soon, max onslaught just very cool thing tnx

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