KvK match making and kingdom colors

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16 December, 2017, 1:17 PM UTC

who ever you have to design the broken software or to set up kvk matches you should replace them and start again on your match making design.

I have never seen such a broken piece of crap. we are at the enemy kingdom there isn't anyone on the uber invader field that is over lvl 25 but there are unshielded enemy who don't have to put there shields up at all because we are so completely outmatched.

they leave there shield down and pop into group after group of there enemy with no fear of being attacked because you are unable to make a fair fight.

They were leading by 30 billion at one point so everyone tries harder and htey just pop from place to plae hitting people on tiles having a field day.

we close it to 20 billion and they go ahead again because they kill so many farmers.

you need to rethink your match making because its total crap and makes a crappy time of what is supposed to be fun.

we don't even have a lvl 30 in our entire kingdom.

Also in KvK you make every other clan no matter what kingdom they are from the same color tag.

so to find out if a town would even want to attack you you have to click on the town then click on the picture of the character that owns the town then look down to see if they have a kingdom name in there info.

and the only way you even know if there an enemy is if they DON"T have a kingdom name in there info I would like you to answer why you have made it so hard to simply find out if a town is an enemy it seems ridiculous.

or perhaps you want people to be attacked easily in a sea of red tags. now everyone know's your kingdom is not your enemy so why have you made the entire kingdom you come from look like your enemy? answer that.

also i submitted a bug report of invisible attacks which i was told is because of latency.

so if you cant see the enemy attacking and you have made everyone else but your clan look the same haven't you stacked everything completely against the lowest level players trying to simply farm tiles to make a point? answer that one too.

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