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25 September, 2017, 1:54 PM UTC
I've just created my own clan and like to invite players to my clan.Where can I find how to invite players ??
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26 September, 2017, 12:08 PM UTC

There are several ways to invite players to your clan;

.1 - Use the 'Common Chat' window and advertise that you are recruiting.

.2 - Scout the kingdom and look for active players, send them a PM (private message) and an Invitation to join your clan.

.3 - Recruit your friends that haven't started playing yet, get them to create an account. - This may require them to relocate to your Kingdom.

.4 - Start with an 'Open' Clan membership so that anyone can join without sending a request, (not recommended). This can help build faster but it can also bring undesirable players / troublemakers into your clan.

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15 April, 2018, 6:19 PM UTC
How do you send them a PM in Vikings game?
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16 April, 2018, 9:02 AM UTC

Find a person, open his profile and push Mail tab

Or open your Mail - Dialogues

Or open your Mail - Contacts
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