Clan TilVa - Till Valhala in Kingdom 294 Loporefmist Recruiting

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Tuckin Fypo
15 July, 2017, 6:54 PM UTC

We are an English speaking,  hyperfarming clan and we work together to help with our growth. We are a mix of fighters, farmers, and both...Our clan has a fun group of people that try hard to win events but also has fun with jokes and banter. We have a great group of elders that help actively with teaching important parts of the game. Till Valhala is located in Kingdom 294 (Loporefmist). Our clan is also allies or more like family to the largest clan in out kingdom which has helped us greatly with protection and ensuring our growth. TilVa is interested in active players that are willing to contribute to learning and growth in our clan. We need open minded members that are willing to listed to constructive feedback and use the chat features to maintain great communication as this is an important part of our clan and our ability to grow. Please message me with any questions or interest and I will try to respond asap. 

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