Why take numbers over quality? Level 6-15 Jarls Wanted

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23 April, 2017, 2:59 PM UTC

I'm an active Jarl with a record that speaks for itself. I check daily and at the least 4 times weekly with the intent to complete challenges and maximize my output for both assault and defense. So why choose large clans with shoddy members when you can forge a clan worthy of Valhalla?

Raunchy Raiders from kingdom Llorrgskehyr is for those who wish to do more than farm their own village. Why settle for a clan that can't even defend you rather than grow with a clan that will parallel your progress?

Join a clan with a personal experience attached, pm me in game and Ill be happy to discuss your initiation into a true Raider Clan.
We re Raunchy but not without Honor and I am currently reaching out to those brave warriors that I have met on the battlefield. Shall we meet through battle or an amiable atmosphere? You decide.

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