Wolverines Recruitment: Riaddal: Kingdom 171

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15 February, 2017, 5:36 AM UTC

Kingdom 171: Riaddal, Wants You!

Are you unhappy with your current kingdom or do you plan to start in a new realm? If this is the case, come to Riaddal (Kingdom 171). We are a very active and balanced Kingdom with a good and healthy playerbase which makes us an ideal choice in the long run. Ideally, we are looking for active and knowledgeable players who have had enough of their kingdom or are simply searching for new challenges and/or new players; Who want to play competitively and basically be ready to spend some money on it.

The Facts:

- Riaddal was created in July of 2016
- 3 Players will be hitting the 1 billion influence within the next few weeks at most
- 6 additional players who are between 300 million and 500 million influence 
- A lot of players between 100 million and 300 million influence
- A very healthy medium sized player-base
- Larger players knows how to play (no bigs is giving easy points away)
- The power is spreaded over 4 different clans (English, Russian and German)
- No forest rules in favor of overall kingdom growth
- Good community cooperation; Including KVK Preparation

The Plan:

- Concentrate more power and experience within our kingdom to create an unbeatable force

Advantages of joining a proven kingdom:

- You know how the kingdom turns out in the longterm (Activity, Player-base, Influence, Community)

- More rapid growth and progress than in a new kingdom

What we offer:

- Resources for faster growth
- Guidance and advice for new players
- A balanced, active and proven kingdom

If you are interested, post here or write me a message in-game. You can find us in Kingdom 171, Clan: Wolverines, Playertag: Moxx the fox or VonAnarchist. We're more than happy to answer any inquiries!

Our score for this last KVK to date was 27,158,450,376. The kingdom total was 90,292,419,070!

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20 April, 2017, 12:03 AM UTC
You can't go wrong with WLVR.  Good group of people.  The kingdom is great too.  But I'm a little biased I suppose as I'm also from 171won't pitch my clan here because I'm not going to try to steal Van's thunder and because if you're vontributing at WLVR then you're helping the kdg and that works for me
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