Looking for jumpers

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21 March, 2018, 5:17 AM UTC

Me and a group of people are preparing lvl 5 jumpers, for 4 months now. Got 32m influence hero lvl 50, vip 15, most of legendary gear ready and tons of boosts. When we jump to a newly opened KD we will prolly take it over in a day. We are all highly experienced. 

I am looking for other people who might prepare a jumper but are alone, or others who want to make the jump together,  the more veterans I have in the new world the better. Character is very important so I'm looking for serious and reasonable people not arrogant fools who just spend money. We spend but we are very effective while doing it.

People who are interested message me or leave a comment here, we can add each other on line app, compare our stuff and plan. The jump won't happen yet so there is time. 

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