Hero sets bug

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16 August, 2017, 9:40 PM UTC

As I was trying to build new hero sets from scratch (I unlocked 3 sets), I spent 5 or 6 'second chance boosts' to finally have a talk with a guildmate that told me there was a glitch in this section of the game and I dont see any report of it here. After losing 5-6 boosts and around 20K gold, I think it is good to let you know that because I'm not alone to have this issue. The sets are not saved and after ACTIVATING it, the skills return to a previous settings (It appears to be an old setting from a few days back) and everything is lost and to be done again.

I now builded a set of skills but didnt ACTIVATE it. I checked if the skills applied on things and it appears yes, after checking the 'Learning Skill I' effect on a knowledge.

So, the sets seems no longer functionnal for the one like me that needs to build new ones. What I'm not sure is if sets already well builded are OK but I'm pretty sure it's OK, as my clanmates didn't talk about it.

Thanks for having a look at it, please.

Pete_Best (Jolindalsberg)
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Ivar Marksman
17 August, 2017, 2:09 PM UTC

Dear Jarl,

Please describe your actions step by step. If possible, please send a screenshot. Specify your ID number. To get it, open the Menu and tap "About the game".

Provide us with the following information hereĀ so we can investigate the issue

Best regards,

Your Plarium Support Team

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10 September, 2017, 8:28 PM UTC

- I enter in Hero's Adobe, Hero set tab (1 set or no set is activated, it doesn't matter, I've tried both)

- I reset skills with a Second chance item

- The skills are reseted in the 'Current hero set' section only. No resets in the activated set. (The problem seems here)

- I set up skills without any problem in the Hero's skills tab of Hero's Adobe

- When completed, the skills are only set in the 'Currect Hero Set'. I tested to see if they are effective and yes, they are. Any of the dedicated set #1-#2-#3, etc... are set up properly. SO I tried to Activate it but lose my set up everytime.

I dont know if I'm doing something wrong but I cant figure out how to do it. I'm pretty sure there's a problem with it. Just try it yourself. You'll see it. I tried to check different YouTube video and it seems like there's really something going on with this version of Vikings - War of Clan, with the Hero sets.


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