A new personal Competition — the Invader Hunt!

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29 November, 2017, 2:01 PM UTC

Brave Jarl, a new personal Competition is coming — the Invader Hunt! Seize this unique opportunity — fight each of the 13 Invaders and be famed as the great savior of the North!

- From November 28 to December 10, the vast, harsh fjords will be faced with an overwhelming incursion: every day, a new Invader will appear in the Kingdoms.

- Attacking the outlanders will bring valuable trophies, as well as many ample rewards.

May the gods of Asgard see that you are the true Viking, you are the hero!

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30 November, 2017, 12:05 AM UTC

Well, we might like it if we were allowed to buy energy packs at reasonable price ... 10€ to buy enough energy to kill an uber invader is not a serious deal and since 2 months I get nothing more interesting ! sorry but you won't get my money with these greedy offers.

>> Edit as of 11/30 : I got an offer for 3M energy at 10€, which I bought immediately. Thank you gods of the Internet.
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30 November, 2017, 2:11 AM UTC

I have to agree with you....

However   there's either a typing error or they just announced something under the radar, there are a total of 16 invaders if my count is correct.    

Two of  them, the Barbarian and Centurion, have already been consigned top the  backwaters, has a third joined them there ?

It says fight the 13 invaders during the hunt, which 13   ??????????
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