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Dreadul customer support

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21 August, 2017, 7:57 AM UTC

Customer support is a joke............. almost non-existent in that it takes upto one or two days to receive a response, which is curt and evasive. Responses tend to ignore issues which suggest it might have been a technical issue with Plarium's servers, and focus on convincing you that you are using the wrong browser, or didn't have access to the game via the Plarium platform for 3 hours (nor did anyone in my clan trying to access my account) because i hadn't cleared my browser's cache.

I notice that according to their policy, it is at the discretion of the team dealing with you to decide if troops lost because you couldn't access the game because servers were down, so unable to renew shield.   It also states that normally reimbursements occur only if a server error has caused the problem. I've amessage from Plarium support stating it WAS a server problem, but they are still claiming it was a browser issue. The same browser which has been working perfectly ever since they fixed their servers.

Dreadful support.

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