Bloody battle with the Uber Invader has come! Avarin has entered your Kingdom!

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18 August, 2017, 7:58 AM UTC

Brave Vikings, you must face danger and defend your lands from a ferocious opponent that approaches your Kingdom from the vast grasslands. Sharpen your blades and steel your will to deliver a hail of blows against the ferocious Uber Invader, the Avarin, at the decisive moment!

Victory over the new opponent will bring you not only the glory of a fearless warrior, but the chance to get valuable trophies in the form of random Invader materials of the Centurion, Khazar, Celt and Royal Guardsman. You'll also have a chance to get gems that improve the military stats of your troops and increase the production of resources such as Lumber and Silver.

Prepare for a desperate fight against the Avarin, and may Odin lead you to victory!

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18 August, 2017, 12:34 PM UTC
yep. It will be really bloody batle lol
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