Bloody battle with the Uber Invader has come! Pict has entered your Kingdom!

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11 August, 2017, 7:57 AM UTC

Wise rulers, rumors of the Uber Invaders’ superhuman strength and agility are spreading across your lands. They have hostile intentions and are approaching the borders of your Kingdom! The watchful guard reports that these are the Picts, master swordsmen with flame-red beards. Their scarlet mantles with golden plates mark them as belonging to an ancient lineage of skilled warriors.

You must engage in bloody combat with these new enemies! Prove that you have the right to be called the mighty Jarls. Attack the Picts to claim their trophies — the materials of the Canis, Hounds, Serpent and Saracen Invaders! In addition, you can get gems that improve the military stats of your troops, speed up Knowledge learning and increase Food production and the Hero's energy reserve.

Use every minute to prepare for the fierce fight and thrash the Pict!

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