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Requirements for better game performance

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14 July, 2017, 1:19 PM UTC

Vikings: War of Clans is under constant development, with mechanics becoming more complex and new graphics being added all the time. The app requires the latest software and a stable Internet connection to run correctly. Starting other programs on the device or using an out-of-date version of your operating system or the game can cause loading problems.

How is data exchange carried out?

When you perform any action in the game, you send a request to the servers. If your device is working correctly, your Internet connection is stable, and other programs are not causing any interference, the data packet with your request reaches the servers within milliseconds, the information is processed and millions of other users receive it via communication channels. If network access problems occur, the data that you sent may be transmitted with a delay or fail to reach its end point entirely.

Let's take a look at some possible causes of game loading issues.

1. Slow Internet connection.

Insufficient broadband connection, too many connections through your access point or running other programs can make it impossible to start the game.

2. The version of Vikings: War of Clans is out of date.

You need to install the latest version: with each update, game processes are optimized and the stability of the game is increased.

3. The device's cache contains invalid data.

Clearing the cache will allow you to eliminate issues connected with downloading the latest version of the game.

4. The browser version is out of date.

Want to know how to update your browser? Read it here.

5. Your mobile device  does not meet the minimum system requirements.

For smooth operation of the application, it's recommended to have 1GB of free RAM and operating system version:

- Android: 4.0.3

- iOS: 7.0

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