how do i set a trap?

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6 July, 2017, 3:16 PM UTC

how do i set a trap? this fellow stops by every few days and busts my chops i never have much over what my vault can protect but once in a while he catches my troops at home . is there a way to make him unhappy?? thanks in advance

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6 July, 2017, 8:05 PM UTC


the basic concept is easy: you need a big meadhall first and alot of own troops, all your friends send troops, your meadhall should be full now.

Your opponent wents in and you win.

There are alot of factors like hero gear, troopsize, trooptype and so on...which are related if you like to build a solid and working trap. 

I cant explain it in deail, just because my clan and kingdom would not love me if i talk about our strategy here ^^

But let me add some hints:

- if your attacker got too much influence and a good clan, you can loose in the long run, even if your trap works one time

- try your trap, it makes fun if it works, if not, try another strategy to beat him down

- friends with a bigger influence in your kingdom can be helpfull in these  situations

i hope this will help you a bit🌸

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14 December, 2017, 12:49 PM UTC
This days we have a new strategy in setting traps. What me and my clan does is have a trap town with huge army consisting of higher no. of T1 of a single type and rest T1 in 2-3mil amt and have that player with lynx gear and fully set hero skills for defense. Then set an onslaught with much higher lvl of onslaught capacity troops(war block + knowledge) and ask others to send reinforcements with lynx gear on and lower ur shield but dont send onslaught troops away keep them in town and wait for onslaught to the trap town. This way we get 7-8mil defensive troops of higher lvl and 11-12mil T1 meat shield. And we keep scout reinforcement in mead hall with scout special gear from 3 members.
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