Bloody battle with the Uber Invader has come! Picts has entered your Kingdom!

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23 June, 2017, 8:15 AM UTC

The ominous blare of battle horns is heard around the Kingdom, alerting brave Jarls to the Uber Invaders’ incursion! The Picts are ruthlessly attacking settlements of defenseless people on the Global Map, and only the warriors of the North can fight them!

It’s time to wield the power of your weapon against the Uber Invaders and destroy them! Fight fearlessly against the Pict and you will be able to capture the materials of the Canis, Hounds, Serpent and Saracen Invaders! You will also have a chance to get gems that improve the military stats of your troops, speed up Knowledge learning and increase Food production and the Hero's energy reserve.

Jarls of the fjords, the time for battle has come! Defeat the Picts and stop the advance of the ruthless Uber Invaders!

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