Vikings War of Clans keeps losing server connection every 3 minutes. Why? Fix it please.

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14 June, 2017, 12:20 AM UTC

Game freezes and server connection lost constantly every 3 minutes. My internet connection is fine, all other sites work. Why? Fix it please. Could this be because I haven't purchased nothing yet, if so that's unfair, I will eventually but I want to rise first on my own merit - in just 3 days of play I already got a 16 level hero with 4 items - sword, helmet, boots, ceremonial chainmail, and 32k+ influence and ranking in top 1000 without spending nothing! Why u keep shutting me off. Please resolve this as I have a lot to contribute to the game both in skill and USD$. Thanks.

P.S. I confirmed my email through link u sent me and I still get memo - invalid email. Sort out your technical problems. + U cant link on facebook when u tell people they should and will get merit points/medals/designation. So another tech problem. U got too many technical glitches which ruins the fun of the game, fix 'em. All this started happening once my hero reached level 16 and town level 8.

My confirmed email btw is [email protected]
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14 June, 2017, 8:23 AM UTC

Can u give us screens of your error?

What link do you talk about?

And ofc you can link on facebook but it doesnt' apply to version(cause for this version there are no links at all)
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