Javascript error possible fix.

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12 June, 2017, 6:19 PM UTC

After 2 days of dealing with this ridiculous error that we ALL know is being caused by the last update on June 6th which is causing the error loading the game through facebook and gameroom at a certain point in the load % which for me was at the 50% mark. 

I tried everything.... FF, Chrome both same thing. I do have an older pc but NEVER had an issue running this game before the update. I tried driver updates, any webgl extensions I could find, messing with chrome flags and nothing worked. Now here is the funny part.

I tried loading the game directly from this site and guess what, it loaded right up but I was back at lvl 1 with no way to sync data over to it so that tells me it is the loading operation with FB that is causing it. so this is what I did to try to fix it.... 

I got through the basic tutorial process and set all the options in the settings to off, the shadows, sound, music, ect then logged out. I deleted my browser history in chrome for the last 4 weeks and then deleted the game off my apps part on left side of my news feed and then went into gameroom and deleted it from there. I did a fresh reboot of my pc and logged back into FB on Chrome and loaded Gameroom. I found the game and had it reinstall with my fingers crossed.... Once it got to the 50% mark it stalled for 10 secs but then continued to load and I got back into my main acnt which is my only acnt.  I did not try this with Firefox as I do not use it much at all so no clue if it will work with if or not or if this will even continue working for me but it might get you back in to pop extra PT until a better fix comes along. 

If this works for you please post back so others can try it to.

Side note: I have logged in 3 times today through gameroom ONLY and it is still working so if you get this to work ONLY log in this same way.
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17 June, 2017, 4:00 AM UTC

shits pissing me off I tell ya

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