Feedback on current gameplay flaws and relocation

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5 June, 2017, 11:08 AM UTC

The past few months have brought a very stale feeling when playing this game. I feel like the game is clearly derived of passion, but It's hard to enjoy playing a game when it's obvious the developer do not fix serious flaws. I hope I'm not overstating myself or misled. I want to believe the developers want to see this game shine.

A new approach with Vikings: War of Clans ?

The entire game oozes a quality that I've not experienced in a free-to-play browser and mobile games before. As soon as I entered my kingdom I knew I was in for an experience on a higher level; everything from the graphics to the amazing atmosphere, the soundtrack and of great quality of the UI. It's a great game but... 

The problem ?

What we have now is a player-base that once again feels deprived. Playing feels kind of unrewarding over time unless you spend a serious amount of money on gold to break the gap. That is if you are patient enough or survive the numerous attacks of larger opponents eating your hard earned resources. If it is kind to you then happy day, if not, tough cookies for the new players.

So your goal is to get a shield 24/7 to progress as much as possible to be able to compete with others? That's too bad, it won't happen if you don't join a clan or spend money. It's irrational and depressing to set a goal that you have no conceivable road-map or plan by which to achieve said goal. It's like setting sail in a ship and hoping you will run ashore in Japan. No compass, no maps, no knowledge of the sky.

Why make this game so much of a drag and why putting the new player in such a bad position. The current system is not welcoming nor viable for a casual player and because we don't get rewarded slightly enough we feel stuck in a train tier system when we play at the lower level.

How do we fix this, you ask?

The Relocation item must have a cooldown!

The market for mobile games is so saturated that this game could be terminal and it is not enough just to rely on the brand to pull people in. There are some great elements to this game and you can certainly see it engrossing players, more work must be done, the players want to feel compiled with a great experience.

People want REWARDS over their destiny in games. They want to feel like they have some control over their goals. They want to own and learn from their failures, they want to feel like they earned their victories. Teamwork is a crucial and important aspect of the game so why not rewarding players for their actions?

It's blind faith to imagine or to even consider that the current relocation system increase the quality or the depth of the game. I don't have blind faith in video games. I don't have blind faith in anything for that matter. The fact is, without a redesign of the relocation item, and a playerbase that feels empowered by playing and controlling it's goals and territory is all meaningless and if you keep reminding them that they will not progress the same way unless they spend money to protect themselves from instant attacks then they will quit. An experience that would not have been complete without failure, commitment, and challenge, that's what we want.

People don't mind playing games they enjoy, they don't mind spending time acquiring the upgrades and crafted items they want/need, they don't mind waiting a bit, they don't mind having challenges to overcome. These things a great game do make! However putting walls in front of them with no other options is depressing and that's how people quit. 

What do you have to lose to reward your players? Isn't the goal to have fun? Give your players a feeling of true progression and they will give back to the community. They will play the game and if they really like it they will spend money no matter what.

This community is kneeling for results that will improve the game experience. The clock is ticking real fast and it won't last forever.

Thank you!

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5 June, 2017, 1:52 PM UTC

Large donation does not mean an automatic win. In this game you need intelligence and not just money.

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5 June, 2017, 1:56 PM UTC
And I'm agree about cooldown on relocation. But only about that.
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5 June, 2017, 8:06 PM UTC
Xaos said:

And I'm agree about cooldown on relocation. But only about that.
Well that was the main argument of my text lol.
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